PSCMRCET has large spacious air conditioned Labs where every student works on an independent cutting edge PC with high-end graphic cards, large hard drives and equipped with all necessary software. The labs also offer numerous general-purpose software packages and tools.

  • Data Structures Lab
  • Unix & Shell Programming Lab
  • Data Base Management Systems Lab
  • OOP Lab
  • Computer Networks Lab
  • Compiler Design Lab
  • Object Oriented Software Engineering Lab (UML)
  • Web Technologies Lab
  • Network Programming Lab
  • Multimedia and Design Lab


All these labs are equipped with the required software facilities. The hardware platforms provided are DELL systems of latest configuration.

LAB No of Systems No of Servers
Computing Lab -1A 35 Systems 1 Server.
Computing Lab -1 65 Systems 2 Servers.
Computing Lab -2 70 Systems 2 Servers.
Multimedia & Project Lab 30 Systems 1 Servers.
Computing Lab -3 120 Systems 2 Servers.
Communications Lab -4 80 Systems 1 Servers.

IT Workshop
IT Workshop is provided with all the facilities to demonstrate the assembly of any computer system and installation procedures of software as well as hardware. All the computing labs are provided with Projection systems which facilitate the organisation of software training system. The software required for projecting an electronic board is also made available recently.

Accordingly our college has provided internet facility for the usage of the students through 30 systems with bandwitdth rate of 4 MBPS in a specific laboratory. This facility is open from 8.30 AM to 8.00 PM every day and restricted download is permitted. Pendrives are not allowed into the e-learning center.