About B.Tech – ECE

The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering envisions the E.C.E graduate as a competent and ethical professional in the areas of electronics, communications, and digital signal processing. The electronics and communications engineer uses a creative and systematic approach to the design, implementation, and management of various devices and systems of semiconductors, electronic instrumentation and control, and telecommunications, relying on knowledge and skills from the mathematical, physical, and social sciences. Moreover, the student develops an adequate knowledge of the engineering creative process, thus, developing an understanding of the interaction of electronic devices and systems with each other and the environment they operate in…
It may be hard to imagine today, but at the beginning of the 20th century, the Wright Brothers were just getting their “flying machine” off the ground, the telephone was still a novelty, and the first crude computer was still thirty years from invention. As we begin the 21st century, the rapid transmission of data has become indispensable to many consumers and businesses, which consider innovations such as communications satellites, wireless phones and computer networks staples of everyday life.

Vision of the Department

 To be a leading center for education and research in electronics and communication engineering, making the students adaptable to contemporary technologies with sound knowledge and socio-ethical values in an integrated learning environment.

Mission of the Department

M1: To produce knowledgeable and technologically competent engineers for providing services to the society.

M2: To have a collaboration with leading academic, industrial and research organizations for promoting research activities among faculty and students.

M3: To create a unified learning environment for sustained growth in electronics and communication engineering and related areas.


Program Educational Objectives

 The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the department of ECE are given below:

PEO 1: Engineering Foundation

To produce graduates with firm foundation in electronics and communication engineering.

PEO 2: Core Competence

To motivate graduates to Analyze, Design, Develop, Optimize and implement electronic systems with competent spirit.

PEO 3: Breadth Knowledge

To enable graduates with sufficient breadth in electronics and its related fields to solve general engineering problems in an eco-friendly environment.

PEO 4: Soft Skills

To make graduates with a professional outlook who can communicate effectively and interact responsibly with colleagues, Clients, Employers and society.

PEO 5: Knowledge Enhancement

To prepare graduates who pursue lifelong learning and professional development including higher education.


Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: The ECE Graduates will be equipped with knowledge of complete design flow from specification to silicon in areas of both digital and analog VLSI Design and will be able to work    in IC design companies.

PSO 2: The ECE Graduates will be trained with microprocessor and microcontroller based system  design skills and can work as design and verification engineers in the area of embedded systems design.

PSO 3: The ECE Graduates will be able to apply engineering knowledge for design and implementation  of projects pertaining to signal processing and communications.

PSO 4: The ECE Graduates will be incorporated with necessary soft skills, Aptitude and technical skills to work in it and public sector.

  • The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is established in 2008
  • It offers B.Tech programme with a student intake of 120.
  • The total number of faculty are 22.
  • Total Number of Students on campus from ECE: 240
  • Our students professional society membership information for IEI and IETE in this academic year 2017-18.CLICK HERE!
Dr. J. Lakshmi Narayana
Dr. J. Lakshmi NarayanaProfessor & HOD

I B.Tech I-Sem Toppers[R16]::

8.50- E.BHAVYA
9.13- L.SONIYA



  • On 24-1-16, Sans Pareil IT services has recruited 12 members from our college.
  •  On 12-12-15, Glenwood Systems has recruited 25 members from our college.
  • On 17-12-15, Sutherland Global Services(MNC) has recruited 19 members belonging to branches CSE, ECE, EEE, MBA from our college.
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Department Activities 

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Guest Lectures
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Technical Fests / Symposiums
  • Industrial Tours
  • Industry Academic Collaboration Programs
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Campus Placement

  • Congratulations to Selected Candiadtes of “DxCorr’s Technologies Pvt.,Ltd.,”
  • Congratulations to Selected Candiadtes of “SANS PAREIL”, An Australia based company
    1. Aravind Seethamraju- ECE
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ECE Laboratories

  • Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Lab
  • Microwave & Optical Communication Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab
  • Analog & Digital Commun. Lab
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